Sory Diabate is an internationally acclaimed African Balafon player and Percussionist. Born in Guinea Conakry, he lives in Lyon, France and travels the world making music. He is fluent in both Soussou and French.

Sory Diabate est un joueur de Balafon et percussionniste internationalement reconnu et acclamé. Né en Guinée Conakry, il vit aujourd’hui à Lyon (France) et voyage partout dans le monde pour la musique. Il parle couramment le Français et le Soussou.

Sory Diabate is a very special rhythmic virtuoso and melodic genius of the balafon! I look forward to hearing him again, and again…!  – Roy ‘Futureman’ Wooten (5x Grammy winner – Bela Fleck & the Flecktones) 

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About Sory Diabate

SORY DIABATE – African Balafon & Percussionist

Sory Diabate has travelled and performed internationally with musical legends, Grammy winners, and musicians from many cultures of music from around the globe. His music is virtuosic, rooted, soulful, and most decidedly African.

Lors de ses voyage autour du monde, il a joué avec des légendes de la musique, des gagnant de Grammy Awards, et tant d’autres musiciens de cultures différentes de toutes régions du monde. C’est un musicien enraciné dans la tradition africaine dont la virtuosité lui permet de s’ouvrir au monde.

La musique de Sory Diabate, empli d’âme, enraciné en Afrique et capable de s’enraciner partout où elle rencontre la musique, par sa virtuosité, garde un pied en Afrique pour s’ouvrir au monde.

2009-2011 Ballet Wantarnara (Paris), Walami (Italy/France), Bolokan (Brussels/Belgium), Taxi Mandingue
1999-2009 Balafon solist for Circus Baobab
2000-2003 Balafonist with the Momo Wendel Orchestra
1996-1999 Junior Balafonist for National Dance Theatre of Guinea
1994-1996 Balafonist for Les Merveilles de Guinee

Individual touring in the United States,  Canada, Morocco, Reunion Islan, New Caledonia, Eastern & Western Europe, West Africa.

Worldwide tours through Guinea Conakry, West Africa (Mali, Benin, Burkina), Morocco, Israel, China, Mexico, and Latin America.

From 1989-1995, Sory studied Balafon, Djembe, Krin, and other native Guinean percussion instruments with his father, Circus Baobab, and Momo Wendel Soumah.

Sory is one of the most amazing musicians I have had the opportunity, and honor, to play with. He’s what we call a special cat! His spirit, passion, and love of making music positively affects everyone in the room and I hope the whole world can experience his brilliance!Jeff Coffin / Saxophonist (Dave Matthews Band, 3x Grammy winner, Bela Fleck & the Flecktones, The Mu’tet)

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Sory seems like a laid back, mellow guy…until he picks up his mallets. Then, he becomes a ball of energy with amazing musicality and taste. He is fun to play with because his compositions and grooves transport you to a really cool place. Chester Thompson / Drummer (Weather Report, Frank Zappa, Genesis)

Check out Sory Diabate’s incredible recording, WALI



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